Your training Experience includes a customized meal plan tailored to your nutritional needs.
                                                                                       Sheronica Henton

Eat better, not less.

Your first wealth is health, and until you get your nutrition right nothing is going to change. This is why I create nutrition plans customized to each clients specific needs to help them reach their goals in a healthy, positive way.

Likes/Dislikes(we’ve all got them)

Any successful nutrition plan requires eating some things that aren’t necessarily our go-to when it comes to diet. With much effort and research we can come together to create the perfect plan that fits your everyday life while allowing treats and cheats to keep us focused, full, satisfied and healthy.

Weight Loss.

Simple changes in daily diet can have amazing benefits to weight loss, especially belly fat
Let’s redefine the way we look at nutrition. Weight loss doesn’t mean starve yourself. With my custom nutrition and supplement program you will see results that are proven.

Muscle Gain.

The athlete tasting new protein supplements for better muscles
Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just heavy lifting to build full shapely muscles. Nutrition is key to feeding your muscles for optimal growth and recovery.

Heart Health & Glucose Management.

Let’s work alongside your doctor to find the best possible diet and training plan for optimal heart health and diabetes management.


Pregnancy Diet Plans

Dietary needs change while pregnant. Learn more about dietary needs.
what we consume while pregnant can affect not only our health, but the health of our baby as well. We must protect our body from issues such as Gestational Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and excessive weight gain. These issues can effect our health post pregnancy as well, a custom diet plan can protect you from these preventable issues. (learn more about exercise plans while pregnant)


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