Easy Ways to Reduce Water Bloat

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Water Bloat.

Water bloat affects us all at some point or another, and usually noticed by bloating of the stomach, swelling of the hands and feet and a general feeling of heaviness. The solutions can be more simplistic than you’d think.  Let’s get to it


Eating a balanced diet.

Ah yes, probably the most “well duh ” answer out there! Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables promotes more electrolytes throughout the body, thus allowing water to move more freely throughout the body. Also, cutting down the starches, ESPECIALLY the bread and pastas should do the trick

Cut down on sodium.

Too much sodium can cause more harm than good, take the extra step to look at the nutrition facts before indulging in something that could cause you to be uncomfortable later.

Try Dandelion

Dandelion has so many health benefits, but my favorite one is its diuretic effects. This natural diuretic is my go to while on prep or feeling more bloated than normal. I personally prefer it in tea form, but you can get it in pills and liquid form as well.


Drink more water


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